Zhongshan baiheli precision plastic industrial Co.,Ltd


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                Hello,Welcome to Zhongshan BHL precision plastic industry Co., Ltd. Web site!
                Hotline: 0760-86983399
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                PRODUCTS CENTER
                Semiconductor equipment shell series Carnival series Medical equipment series For car&ship series Advertisements series
              2. HUAWEI back cover for screen series
              3. pan
              4. Semiconductor shell 005
              5. Semiconductor shell 004
              6. Semiconductor shell 003
              7. Semiconductor shell 002
              8. Recreation 008
              9. Recreation 005
              10. Recreation 004
              11. Recreation 003
              12. Recreation 002
              13. Recreation 001
              14. Medical Prototype Series 014
              15. Medical FRP series 017
              16. Medical FRP series 013
              17. Medical FRP series 011
              18. Plastic plate medical bed
              19. 001 Medical Equipment
              20. fishing boat
              21. fish boat
              22. Auto series 010
              23. Auto series 009
              24. Auto series 007
              25. Milky white frosted diamond lampshade
              26. advertisements007
              27. advertisements006
              28. advertisements005
              29. Chinese knot
              30. advertisements003
              31. More than 10 years qulality resurance
                Plastic sheet Vendor and Machining Leader
                Equiped with world class sheet production line, BHL is able to produce various sheets of ABS, HIPS, PP, PE and PMMA, ranging 0.5mm – 9.0mm in thickness and max 1400mm in width, giving a dull, glossing or anti-glossing looks, with fine, coarse, leather or other special texture. Our sheets are widely used in household appliances, automobiles, sanitary ware, advertising, architectural decoration, silk screening, printing and other industries.
                Advanced mechanical equipment
                International produc...
                Introducing full line of German double-sided vacuum forming and pressure forming equipments, BHL is able to producing plastic housing of any configuration (4000mm long by 3000mm wide by 1000mm high, max) and of large variety of materials (1.0mm – 20mm thick), . BHL has also gained a wealth of experience particularly in PC vacuum forming, heat and cold bending.
                High quality service
                Provide high quality service for you,save labor and money
                We can provide services from product designing to mass production, as well as a complete processing and a variety of value-added services, including electronic and metal parts assembling, part assembling, printing, painting and plating.
                Full sevice after sale
                full sevice after sale let customer without worry
                Long term customers, the company gives a certain discount, the first time to complete your order. Bulk goods, local delivery of free delivery to their services, foreign customers, we have a number of high-quality logistics companies, can be served on time. Strong customer service service, let you no worries, let you buy peace of mind, rest assured.
                Thanks for customer support many years
                Our management philosophy: Quality First, Reputation Foremost Our commitment: Cu...
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                Zhongshan BHL precision plastic industry Co., Ltd.
                Baiheli Precision Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.(BHL), located in longtang street, NO.7, Development Zone of Tanzhou town, Zhongshan city which is neighbour to Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau. is a modern manufacturer covering an are...
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                Hotline: 0760-86983399 / 86983958
                Fax: 0760-86983111
                E-mail: plastec_pt@126.com
                Quality training in BHL 2017-02-25
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                Hotline:0760-86983399 / 86983958      Fax:0760-86983111
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